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Ricotta wrapped in ham and lonzino

I had Ricotta from Basili. There is no better ricotta than Basili ricotta.

 It was already Sunday and the ricotta was from Tuesday. It only got better every day. Then I had ham from my village butcher and the famous "primo sale" from butcher Peletti.
I wrapped ricotta into ham and primo sale. Nothing new until now. I often served it like this. 

Now comes the twist.
I heated a bit of butter and Olive oil in a pan and added pieces (big pieces) of spring onions.  When the spring onions were nice, I added the wrappers, only some minutes from bot sides, to release the aromas from the cured meat.  The ricotta mustn't heat up.
Served with the spring onion pieces.  Excellent! to use as starter or second course.

...the wines

Wine, I am trying "bag in box" from Palazzone, which is the most nobel producer around. I want to try if "bag in box" is an alternative to producing an empty bottle every day. Well, the red is very decent and pairs also with the cured meat, but I still would want something more expressive.