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Ravioli with Ricotta and almond paste

I am not giving up! I try to produce pasta at home with high quality flours, fresh eggs and delicious fillings.

This time it worked out.  The pasta was 60% De Cecco hard wheat semola and 50% Janas Senatore Capelli.  The dough was perfect.

I use my water glasses to cut out the forms for the Ravioli. Just the ideal size. I can make big ones, putting 2 circles together or small ones folding one circle to a half moon.

The filling was simple, just some almond paste mixed with Ricotta.

For pasta with fillings it is really worthwhile to prepare the pasta yourself, because you select the ingredients of the filling, which are normally too suspicious in commercial products.

...the wines

Low tannic reds, non aromatic whites or good rosé wines, many possibilities

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