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Gradoli Beans with Sepia Ink and Sepia tentacles

Inspired by a meal in a Restaurant in Citta di Castello.  Overthere they had a pyramid of shredded Pig on the cream of beans.

I loved my version more.  More "mare" less "terra.

I used the Zucchini flowers as tasty decoration and cooked them together with the "sepia tentacles and pieces of fresh garlic.

Freshness of the Sepia is enormous important.  If I like the smell, than it  is fresh.  

The Gradoli beans were cooked tender with  with  toe of Garlic toe . Then I added some pieces of leftover potatoes and the  ink bag, some minutes of stirring and it is done

I added Hydra to the cooking liquid that was autonomously produced by the simmering tentacles.


...the wines

I tried with "Hydra", Vernaccia di San Gimignano and "Rosagra'" , e' Rose' from Sagrantino.

The Hydra did not fit t, too fine and elegant for the strong taste of the sepia ink. The Rosagra' was better. It expressed sweetness when sipped with the beans and seafood, but I imagine a light red with low tannins would be best.

Picture Gallery
preparing the bean cream preparing the tentacles