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Potato cakes from grated raw potatoes

This dish is in memory of my Aunt Gertrud, who made the mythical potato cakes: grated raw potatoes, egg, some oatmeal, all fried in Lard, because lard we had all over the year at the farm.

I did no succeed immediately with this dish, because I tried to use my new vegetabler grater, but it grated way to coarse. The specific potato grater as in the picture is necessary. An other change I did, worked out well. As lard is always more difficult to get (except the Colonnata jewelry stuff),  I used "guanciale", a kind of Umbrian staple food. It has fat enough. Frying it a very low temperature it releases the fat and you can take away the reminders for a side dish :-)

The potatoes are fried in the fat and served with thee crispy guanciale slices and a salad.

...the wines

- a Corio from Lago di Trasimeno is just fine!

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the grater pig  cheak