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Pork Chops Sichuan Style

Authentic Chinese kitchen is a difficult enterprise in the heart of Umbria. You simply can't get some ingredients, i.e. salted and fermented beans. Maybe I should look for an online chop with Chinese stocks.

But I have Chilly peppers, Sichuan Pepper, Ginger.  Soyasauce you get now everywhere, I substitute (without screaming) cooking rice wine with dry Marsala - and there we are, ready to go.

This time I used  a thick cut Umbrian pork chop.  It was marinated for some hours in a mixture of Soyasauce, Marsala, Ginger, Sichuan pepper and more.  Than qickly pan fried with some wild fennel. Excellent! The only harm you can do is frying it too long. Nowadays pork chops are always lean and get quickly hard in the pan. A bit raw  inside  is just good!

四川人 will forgive me.

...the wines

I paired with "Goccio", a Trebbiano Spoletino from "Dionigi" winery.  The fl avors of exotic fruits in the wine answered well to the spices on the pork chop. But I can imagine also an aromatic wine like the "Gewuerztraminer" von Nichterlein. A Rosè should go too.

No Reds.

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