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Grechetto and Coregone

I  cooked specifically two dishes of  Coregone to pair the new Grechetto from "Duca della Corgna", Poggio La Macchia, a Crus, a specific position and a special selection.

The Coregone was not Umbrian, but from Bolsena lake. Legally this is Lazium, but culturally we are all Etruria. Coregone is a lake fish, but very elegant from the trout family. I use it often "alla maison" ( and also as Carpaccio (

This time I tried 2 new recipes. One very traditional (alla mugnaia) and one experimental, which brings together the taste of "guanciale", sage and Coregone.  Alla mugnaia means simply putting tne fish fillets into flour and panfry them in butter and then  press lemon on it. For the other dish I produced packages from Guanciale|Sage|Coregone|Sage and also panfried them. These are dished one can prepare in 10 minutes.  The Coregone alla Mugnaia is very elegant, but I  preferred the Guanciale packages.  The guanciale did not kill the fish, but together    they produced a nice contrast of salty and sweet aromatized by the sage.

...the wines

Coregone alla mugnaia and Poggio La Macchia is for great moments. The elegance of  the fish and the complex bouquet of the grechetto filled a  wide space of flavors (  This dish requires a white wine. I tcould be served also with a simpler, but so it becomes luxury.

The Guanciale/Coregone packages went also well with the wine. Here we had complex tastes on both sides. The citrus flavors in Poggio La  Macchia paired especially well. This dish could have been served also with a Rosato wine.

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