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Today the Cantina del Trasimeno is a cooperative society of 250 members on a surface area of approximately 300 hectares.
The choice of clones and rootstocks suitable quality to value in the cultivation, the use of strict agricultural techniques in the vineyard, the strong technological innovation in the winery and the technical contribution of serious and qualified professionals are the ingredients that make this Cooperative Winery one of the most interesting of the Trasimeno area and national wine scene.
The realization of the aging building in Città della Pieve, in the completely renovated historic cellars of the Town Hall, ends the project that is the basis of the "Duca della Corgna" wines.
The production is organized to control every stage of production cycle from the countryside to the cellar: from the production to the grapes harvesting, during the wine production, the wine aging in barrel or steel, bottling and aging in bottle.
Native grape varieties, like Gamay Perugino (or del Trasimeno) and Grechetto, receive special attention and care. The same for the classic Sangiovese with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in red wines and Trebbiano toscano among white grapes.

Wines produced

Divina Villa Black Label
Ascanio grechetto
Divina Villa white label

Contact person

Sig.ra Cadia


+39 075 9652493
Via Roma 236
Castiglione del Lago