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Lamb/Goat Cutlet

Lamb or goat cutlets is the finest stuff you can find to eat.  Don't dare to overcook them!  They are good, just cooked still rosè, then they give you all their juicyness.  If you can get them directly from the "pecoraro" you are happy.    But also Italian Supermarket stuff is decent.

This version has been made with tomatoes and capers, just fried with the Cutlets, not too long. Capers are salty, no other salt needed. Instead of stupid salt, tasty capers. A piece of Mediterranean with your dish.

...and Olive Oil!!!!

...the wines

This is a great dish. And as Tomatoes and Capers should be a very minor ingredient, a great red wine fits.  A Sagrantino, but opened the day before! A Divina Villa Black Label, if you forgot to open a bottle. And an Accordo from the Velette will pair too.