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Chestnut Soup with two types of beans

It is end of October - Chestnut time, I have my own Chestnut Tree at Buo Respiro and it is really joyful to go there and collect the Chestnuts.

Chestnuts are mostly used for sweets, they are sweet. As I am very seldom prepare sweets I have to look for other combinations.

You can prepare delicious soups combining the chestnuts with pulses.
The classcial combination is a Chickpea Soup with Chestnuts
I tried with 2 different kind of beans, the little coloured one from the Trasimeno lake and big white one from Ascea, obviously cooking everything separately.

You see the result after mixing, Sweet, but very flavored.

...the wines

I had a bottle of "Rosso di Spicca" with it from "Le Vellette" winery.  The  "San Giovese" in the Rosso liked the Chestnuts very much