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Zucchini plague

In summer, zucchini can become a plague, if you are cultivating them. They produce enormous amounts- and frankly, they are excellent only eaten young. It is important to have a huge variety of methods to prepare them......this is from my series of zucchini recipes.

Recipe? Cut the zucchini into slices, and fry them with some spring onions in a pan until they get nicely colored.
Then put Pecorino cheese on it, let it melt and eat.
This is one of the few cases were butter might be superior to Olive Oil.

...the wines

I tried with dish with Salviani wines (Turlò and Rosè). 

The Rosè no, it is difficult to pair with food, it is best as an aperitive at the swimming pool, ...or, no I could imagine it with "vitello tonnato" or sea bass.

In this case the Turlò fitted. I am re-evaluating anyway Salviano Turlò. It is a great Umbrian red.

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