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Noodles Montefiascone Spring

These noodles got their name, because I found the main ingredient - fresh garlic- on a veggie stand along the SR71 from  Montefiascone to Viterbo. Along the same street I found also the other ingredient: pork sausage from a farm with butcher shop.

Do you know the taste of fresh garlic. I would be happy if I could get it all the year. But you get it only in spring and rarely. Yes, it is garlic, but so much more elegant and fine than the big bulbs to which it will develop later.

The recipe is really Italian, means essential. Chop the garlic in not too small pieces, fry in some Olive Oil, add the filling of 1 to many sausages, stir and mix with a wooden fork, add some tomatoes.

Good condiment for "pasta corta"

...the wines

I don't know why, but for me pork sausage needs Red Wine. You could argue, they are spicy, they are salty, a white w ine would be better. Does not meet my taste. A robust and strong San Giovese, from Umbria ;-)  even if this time the food is from another provice as Montefiascone is already Lazio.

I had my "Rosso di Spicca" from "the Velette", but I could imagine many other  structured but not too elegant Reds.

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sausages with a different pasta