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Turlo' with a mini banquet

Chinese meal composition is different from European. It is much less sequential. Dishes are much more served in parallel.  Our dinner yesterday had as a center piece  a crispy pork leg, which was one of the best pork preparations, I have ever eaten in my  life. Crispy on the skin, juicy, nice mixture of protein an collagen parts and not a bit fatty. The Turlo' paired heavenly with this dish, and I did not expect anything else. The crispy pork leg was not so far away even from Umbrian cooking.But then the "side dishes".  Salad from Tofu and Sprouts, oven baked pumkin, preserved eggs in soya sauce, a soup from mushrooms and the first dish served: 4 typically Beijing snacks, sweet sour fishhead, kind of coppa, pickled cabbage, beans. Overall a very memorable dinner.

...the wines

But you imagine the work of the Turlo'?  Sure with the 4 snacks, a crispy white or a nice Rose' would have been more appropriate. Also the sweetnees of the pumpkin did not really answer well to the structure Turlo', which also has 14.5% of alcohol. But it paired nicely with the mushrooms and  more than that with the smoked Tofu and sprouts.  An overall success for Turlo'.

But: for a real Chinese banquet, you need more than one wine!

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