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Pepper Heart (on Blauzweigelt on Potatoemash with Savoy Cabbage)

Heart has a strong taste, which is not liked by everybody. Therefore it is very cheap. But it is a lean muscle with a wonderful texture. I like it peppered.

I prepared in a soffritto from fresh garlic, spring onions, ginger, charlottes, Sichuan pepper, Chily pepper, black pepper  and charlottes.

The heart was sliced into mouth big pieces and fried in the mixture. After having gotten colour I added the wine.

For more consistency I mixed the sauce with a vegetable cream from vegetables that I had prior used to prepare a broth.

The potatoemash with savoy cabbage was from the day before. The sauce  of the heart and the potato mash mingled happily.

A divine dish  for about  3€, enough for 2 persons

...the wines

The wine was a "Blauzweigelt" from a Japanese University, a gift.  When I opened it, I considered it hardly drinkable with an unbalanced high acidity and strange flavors. I forgot about  it and put my hand on it after 3 days again. Well, I liked it much more, had become spicy in a way.  I used it for cooking and drinking.

But obviously, A Palaia or a Rosso di Spicca would be very appropriate. Also Giorgio Commoti's Chianti.