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Recommended wines

Black lentils on potato mash

This preparation was inspired by a dish which is served in "Ia Parolina", a 1 star Michelin Restaurant in Trevinano. At La Parolina the potato cream is much finer and the lentils are still smaller. They call their dish "Caviale di Onano".

I prepared the potato mash with butter but without milk using vegetable broth for mashing the potatoes.

The lentils need to be cooked in a lot of water, to get them cooked homogenously. They absolutely need to be "al dente"

Lentils with Olive Oil.

I served this with two vegetable creams, on prepared from the veggies I had used for the broth and one cream from black cabbage. Both creams had a generous amount of cheese.

...the wines

I had white and red wines to taste.  A strong, but elegant red wine fit  very well with this dish.  I paired with Corniolo, a Sangiovese/Gamay del Trasimeno blend.

But also a dry not to  fruity white wine should go.