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Promotion: We promote Italian wines and wineries in China. We understand the online campaigning that is essential on the Chinese market. Wine Song has close contacts to important wine journalist and other opinion makers. We tailor your campaign from the Wechat presence to the tasting event - and obviously, we can translate your promotion material into appropriate Chinese language. We  have a huge experience with wine fairs and tasting events.

We sell to the right audience,and we cultivate our own customer,and we promote the producing regions in the same time. Our buyers are not limited to importers and traders who are already in the wine business, instead we take extra effort to reach out to other quality buyers who are currently in other business, especially design brands / media brands who also have strong characters,

We can manage your OCM Vino for China.

Market Information: We can support Italian wineries with market information about China. We can deliver you market analysis, contacts to importers and advice how to position your wines on the Chinese markets.

Pachetti di Promozione 2019

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