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The Company

Wine Song Ltd is a collaboration between  Johannes Keizer, Orvieto and Wang Chun, Wuhan.


Johannes Keizer lives for more than 30 years in Italy. In his former professional life as an employee of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN he worked and travelled extensively in China. He is in love with both  China and Italy. He believes that the common love of Chinese and Italian people for good food and wine should be the basis for a good business. His mission is to promote Italian wine, especially from small and medium producers from Umbria, in China  (and also elsewhere).


Wang Chun (Nixey), is a Chinese Wine Journalist and Professional. Some time ago she decided not to write only about Wine, but to bring better wines to Chinese people. She is CEO of Wine Song LTD, a Chinese Life Style Company, based in Wuhan.

The Chinese Wine Market and our Proposal