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Asparagus with lonzino and fried eggs

Something really delicate!
Butcher Augusto Pelletti produces something what is nearly a pig carpaccio. Not really a carpaccio it has been just dried in salt for a short time - primo sale - as we in Italy say.

It is very delicate and can never miss in my kitchen, because it has so many ways to be used (Beside to be eaten directly after shopping out of the hands)

Green Asparagus I get in spring. I precooked them, but they need to be crunchy, every Asparagus wrapped with Lonzino.

Olive Oil in a pan. Two eggs upon the wrapped Asparagus. The egg should be just cooked.

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...the wines

Selecting the wine for this dish:  I took a Morellino and it fitted very well. I personally associate egg and Lonzino to red wine, but as always wine food pairing is  no science  At another opportunity I associated this dish w ith a Sangiovese from Podere Marella.

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with truffles SanGiovese