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Friggittelli, ma no!

Friggitelli is a classical dish from the Italian cuisine. It is made from a special pepper, which is smaller than the normal bell pepper and elongated. They are panfried as a whole and I like the nearly burned taste of friggitelli.

This is a variation (and more work to do). You need to deseed theh peppers and cut them into 3 pieces. Then panfry them with some garlic, but they need to stay crispy,. not well cooked as the traditional friggitelli. Add some capers from Sicily, peppers like capers. Just 3 minutes before it is ready I add halved date tomatoes. These are the little sweet one, also from Sicily  (but now also from Orvieto!!)

A spring version of this dish can be made with fresh garlic.

Enjou the freshness of this summmer dish!

(Yes, basil could be added anyway. It inspires also to add olives, pine nuts and raisins, but then it needs to be c ooked more and becomes a completely different dish)

...the wines

I used this dish for a wine tasting between "Tili Young" and "Martavello". The Young is spicy enough  to resist, but the Rosè was definitely better.

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