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"Gramigna al Verde rustico"

This is a traditional Etrurian recipe and in essence it is chickpeas with spinach.

The original  recipe asks for Gramigna pasta, but I think any small pasta is good. But it is even good without pasta. 

I still have the ambition to prepare the chickpeas myself. But they need a long period "a molla"  in water to re-hydrate.  And then they need a long cooking to get them smooth.  This is the disadvantage. The advantage you have more control on your ingredients and you get a cooking broth that can be useful for the soup or for a  risotto.  But there are excellent canned products on the market, where the "ceci" have been steamed to perfection. Not everything "home made" is better. But you need to trust the deliverer.

Sturdy winter spinach is cut into pieces ad fried with oil and garlic  in the pan.  The twist is, to fry before some Guanciale or Pancetta to give a fatty meaty taste.   Spinach and Chickpeas are mixed together with some chickpea boiling liquid, Pasta can be added.

I obviously add Olive Oil before serving.  Could be tried with some Pecorino cheese on it.

...the wines

White or red dpending on my mood.  White not too elegant, neither too aromatic, but a Grechetto would go very well.  Red, a Sangiovese blend like Palaia or Corio Rosso

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spinach inthepan spinach and chickpeas