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Savoy Cabbage Rolls filled with minced meat

This is another dish inspired by Maria Luisa Scolastra from Villa Roncalli, Foligno.  It combines Savoy cabbage with 3 different meats and arranges  the savoy cabbage rolls on a not too stiff polenta.

Chicke, Beef and Porl fillet, minced with a knife (!), treated ith some pecorino, egg and garlic. It is necessary to sew the rolls to keep  the filling

Also the Polenta got a generous amount of Pecorino and some Thyme.  The rolls were panfried with rosmary an sage.

...the wines

I had a "Lirica", Primitivo di Manduria.  It was possible,  but the Primitivo was a bit in disharmony with the cabbage .  I can imagine still better a "Divina Villa", which is dryer than the Primitivo or  a well structured Grechetto like "Poggio la Macchia"  from Duca della C orgna

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