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Stew of Boar and Mushrooms

Get a good piece of Boar and cut it into pieces. Make a stew. Use ingredients you like. I like a good amount of onions. I love olive oil and I use it also for frying. But first fry the meat, get it out of the pan, fry the onion, add the meet again. A gracious amount of strong red wine. If you can afford, use the Sagrantino, you will drink with it.
Mushrooms are heavenly with this. Go into forest to collect some. These are the best, but you know the risks. Otherwise, market. Normal Champignons are tasteless, but you can mix them with dried poricini. Or try Shitake (I like more the fresh ones). Anyway, nothing easier to prepare.
Mashed potatoes are good with it. You can even dare to add a punto of Wasabi paste to the mashed potatoes....but it is not nice to the Sagrantino

...the wines

Boar is definitely not dish for White wines. It would kill also most of Rosè I know. But then for compensation it is good for strong tannic reds!