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Recommended wines

Fried Eggs with Norcia ham

Fried eggs with cured meat is a classical dish of the North European cooking. The Germans uses there smoked ham ("Schinkenbrot mit Spiegelei"), what the Italians call speck. The Anglo Saxons do it with bacon. ("Bacon and eggs")

Well this stuff is more elegant. But why you should waste a wonderful "prosciutto crudo" of Norcia in a pan? You may do, if the ham is already 3 days old after being cut. As better ham is as quicker it looses freshness and fragrancy after being cut.

But the fragrancy comes out again powerful in the pan. Sliced, just heated and immediately added the eggs to avoid that the ham is fried too long.

I added a bit of black pepper. Could be good with black truffles too. Or some chopped spring onion when it is season. No other seasoning please. You do not want to kill savouring from the prosciutto,

...the wines

Wines:  Yes,  Red, a robust, simple red as the Palaia from Monterubio   But also something finer as the Accordo from the Velette.  All San Giovese will fit, better those from Umbria.  The prosciiutto is from Norcia, in Umbria!