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A classical not only for Umbria

Lamb cutlet with string beans. As younger the beans are as better - and don't overcook them! With garlic, yes, olive oil, in this case butter is allowed :-)
The lamb is best from my local pecoraro, the wonderful Danilo Basili. "Unfortunately" for ecologically and economically reasons, the majority of newborn males cannot survive Easter, since humanity invented milk and cheese production from sheeps. I already booked my lamb for this year.
Stay tuned for more stories.

Aah: if your guests are really hungry, this pairs divinely with a potatoe gratin

...the wines

This dish is not wine agnostic, but polyamorous.  Who does not like red wine, can have a structured white, maybe a bit oaked.  Nearly all good red wines will do, maybe you choose not the most tannic ones, because of the lamb.  Theoretically it looks like a Rosè could be good. But I had no fantasy to open a Rosè with the dish,   because of the stringbeans?