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Potato mash and veggies

Potato Mash gets a twist mixing it with veggies!

Very well suited are savoy cabbage (this is the original  recipe from villa Roncalli di Maria Luisa Scolstra. but also coliflower goes. Not suited are vegetables with too hard fibers in their stems like Broccoletti.  As greener the Veggie component is as nicer is the visual effect.  Minced Cicorione gives a wonderful bitterness to the dish.

I cook potatoes and veggies separately. I never use a food processor to prepare potato mash, but a hand masher as in the picture. Olive Oil and butter, nutmeg, pepper, maybe a bit of  milk.

Instead of Olive Oil and butter I tried Guanciale!  Fry the Guanciale in little pieces.  Put the Pieces a part and use the fat for the potato  mash! Then garnish with the guanciale.

Oil in the pan, depending on my mood, garlic sage and the finely sliced veggies, then the potato mash, stirred together

no Cheese, please!

...the wines

Many wines pair.  Better a Red, definitely in the version with guanciale. I propose and Umbrian Sagiovese

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