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Olive leaves with sausages

well, not real olive leaves. This is a pasta in form of olive leaves and green from mixing some veggies in by the producer. 

Umbria is famous for sausages. Not every village, every butcher has its own recipe. They are all too salty  having been salt in old days the essential ingredient for preservation. I am still waiting for an innovative sausage  :-). 

As they are very flavored they cater for excellent condiments, with pizza or pasta. Simply squeeze the meet out of the guts and fry it in a pan.  I always add white wine. Then you add what you like or find in the fridge. Fresh tomatoes is a standard for me. Also a sauce from dried tomatoes,  garlic or spring onions. I will try with mushrooms next time.  You won't go for Olives, the sausages are salty enough.

Only Germans or Americans would add cheese..

...the wines

You would imagine, this dish needs a sturdy red. And this is right!  Umbrian sausages with Umbrian Sangiovese. But once I tried the Rosato from Chiorri, it is a Rosso Rosato made from Sagrantino grapes and it was excellent. The cool freshness of the Rose' always asked for the next bite of the Pasta. Il Ventorosa is still not documented on Winesong, but will be soon

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