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San Leopardo - Colli Maceratesi D.O.C

This wine has traditions that refers to  the late 1800 as the famous "Rosso Matelica".  It is produced from San Giovese Grapes (50%),  the other 50% are a mix of Merlot, Cabernet and the interesting local variety Ciliegiolo. This wine presents the powerful red wine of Belisario. It gets its strength from a long maceration of the grape skin with the juices for at least 15 days. Then it goes into oak barrels of 5000 l, where it stays for 12 months.  Afterwards it get refined in bottles for 6 months. So only 2 years after the harvest it goes into commerce.

This wine captures the ancient sensorial emotions of  aged wood.  For il San Leopardo the years do construct the organoleptic richness of the wine.  It is a balance between fruit, wood, fermentation and maturation, which only the wisdom of time can realize.    Soft, structured, warm, rich, with vanilla aroma an a very intense purple red with nuances of amber.
Wonderful with braised pork and other braised meets with dark sauces.

Grape varieties

Sangiovese, Cabernet, Merlot, Ciliegiolo

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