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The Belisario  winery is in the Province of Marche in the little town of Matelica.  Belisario was founded in  1971.
Today it is an agricultural company of 300 ha (600 acres) vine grown and a wine cellar with a capacity of  30,000 hl. It is the biggest Verdicchio of Matelica DOC wine producer.
The top news is that two of our wines (the very precise 2012 vintage) ,  Il Verdicchio "Terre di Valbona" and the Verdicchio " Vigneti del Cerro"   got a Silvermedal   at the latest  International  Wine  Challenge (   VIgneti  del Cerro   2009  got already a bronze medal  from the International  Wine Challenge . 
Belisario n wines are constantly premiated by the Gambero Rosso  ( ). The Gambero Rosso is one of the most authoritative  Associations that judges wine,   it gives from  1 to 3 "bicchieri" this means glasses. Already getting  "1 bicchiere"  is a very high appreciation.  "3 bichieri"  are only for a few 100 of top wines of Italy".
The top Crus Verdicchio wines  "Cambrugiano" and "Meridia"  got  "3 bicchieri" in  2006, 2010 and 2013.  Vigneti B, Vigneti del Cerro and Terre di Valbona were prized with "2 bicchieri"  in 2006 and got in  2012 the prize for the best quality/price ratio.   Il Cuvee Nadir won the price "Bollicine da Oscar" in 2010.
"Vigneti del Cerro" and "San Lepoardo" won prizes in the 2012 Slow Wine guide  ( Slow wine is  the guide of the slow food movement, which is worldwide known to promote good food and wine.

Wines produced

Cuvèe Nadir
Coll' Amato
San Leopardo - Colli Maceratesi D.O.C
Terre di Valbona - Verdicchio di Matelica DOC
Vigneti B.   - Verdicchio di Matelica DOC


39 0737 787247
Via Merloni, 12