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Eggs and Truffles

Simple, but luxury.  Fried eggs with truffles. Umbria is truffles area, the black truffle. It is sold as the whole mushroom, shredded or in different preparations. For this recipe, grated whole truffle is the best, but if in the fridge is only "carpaccio di tartuffo" or "Tartufella", just go for it.

You can do it also with Guanciale, the typiclal pork cheek. Here the quality is of premium importance. For this preparation a bit more meaty one is better. You can fry it soft or cross or have both of it.

A still more delicate version is to substitute the "guanciale" with "lombo primo sale" or ham of first quality. But in the pan the ham should be above the egg. It just should not fry, only becoming transparent.  Try also with goose eggs!

Grate as much truffle you can get.

...the wines

This needs a great wine and a red one. I hardly can imagine white wine with eggs. I tried this with Sagrantino from Scacciadiavoli and Divina Villa from Duca della Corgna.  Two completely different reds, the Sagrantino with strong tannins, the Grenache elegant and light.  Both excellent

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egg and truffles with divina villa with goose egg with goose egg Also Corniolo fits