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Recommended wines

Farfalle with guanciale and truffles

Dead simply and very tasty!

3 ingredients, guanciale, truffle sauce and farfalle pasta.  The result depends on the quality of the primary ingredients.

Especially the truffle sauce is a risk. One has to read the ingredients before buying.  Truffles should be at least 5% and no calamari ink please!  I am using aproduct from an  Orvietan cooperative, which has  7% truffles.

Also the guanciale matters,  there are many mediocre industrial products, because already the  pig was raised wrongly. My guanciale was from the farm "Il Fossile" in the North East of Orvieto. Free ranging pigs, wisely salted, correctly aged.

Then: Guanciale sliced and panfried, mixed with truffle sauce and the the noodles.  Takes the time to cook the  noodles.....

This is why Guanciale and Truffle Sauce are staples in my kitchen!

...the wines

Truffles, red wine. Morellino di Scansano or a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. I had on the dish an Accordo from the Velette, perfect.