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Pasta con Ricotta

Ricotta is a specific soft and fresh cheese that can be obtained from milk of cows, sheeps and goats (and buffaloes!). I prefer goat or sheep ricotta because of their aromatic taste.

This dish I made from pasta I prepared myself. In the pasta dough was a generous amount of truffle paste. More about hand made pasta in other posts, it is normally simply not worthwhile the effort.

The ricotta was from Basili, the famous "pecoraro" from podere "il sasso". That's all the difference!  getting somethin good from mediocre ingredients is hard, if you start with good stuff, you have to try hard to fail.

A bit of butter, luckily I forgot the pecorino, that I normally mix with ricotta sauce.  The truffle taste of the pasta would have disliked the strong pecorino

Gorgeous dish

...the wines

Wine needs to be elegant. A Grenache would fit very well, but a Grechetto too.