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Pork chops with mushrooms and chestnuts

It is nearly November. Autumn is the time of Chestnuts.
I collected the Chestnuts from my own tree at Buon Respiro.

Mushrooms is more difficult, better to buy them :-), but mixed mushrooms for the forest are the best for this dish. I boil and clean the chestnuts, fry the mushrooms with some charlottes and mix then with the Chestnuts.

Porkchops are one of the risks in cooking life, at least in North Europe. Most of them are unfortunately lean and they get hard after having just touched the pan. I always try to get the fatter ones and here in Umbria it is possible. Several butchers here treat healthy pigs. This time I only stopped at COOP supermarket, so chop quality was soso.

Young green string beans, these were from Ascea in the south of Naples were another ideal veggie with the chops, mushrooms and chestnuts.

On the shells? a homemade sauce from dried tomatoes, but another story.

...the wines

I tested in parallel Palaia and Martavello.  I preferred Palaia with the Chestnut/Mushroom mixture, but the Rosè came first when using the spicy tomatoe sauce on the cutlet.