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It is winter and it is cold. Time for "Ribollita". This is a soup from beans and black cabbage, which can be recooked for several days and it gets always better.  But attention, it must be brought first to a perfect consistency.   And here everything can go wrong. I cook beans and cabbage separately and mix them afterwards to be sure for not getting a mess of overcooked cabbage and hard beans or the other way round.  Important also to cut out the central part of the cabbage. It will never cook... The beans, normally to use are "Cannellini" big white ones, but I am using also others, here a "fagiolo giallo"

You serve the soup on dried bread (not toasted!) and obviously  wit a generous amount of Hig Quality Olive Oil.

...the wines

I had a Montefalco Rosso with this dish and it was just fine!  I think any Umbrian Sangiovese would go (despite the recipe coming from Tuscany :-).  Who wants white wine at any time, try the Febeo Orvieto Classico Superiore from Cardeto.

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ribollita beans cavolo nero beans in the pot