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A winter menu and still with Rose

It is winter, time of  "Zucche"  (pumkin) and "cavolo nero"  (black cabbage).   This menu features a soup made of pumpkin and carots, scrambled egg with truffle cream and  pan fried black cabbage.

the pumpkin is much softer than the carot, that left nice pices of carots in the soup after homogenizing the veggies. The soup was made slightly spicy with Hainan hot pepper sauce.

Scrambled egg with truffles is a  classic in my kitchen. Better to have minced truffles, than the mix they sell you as truffle sauce, which contains even cuttle fish ink..

The cabbage was not boiled.  "Guanciale" (pig cheak) fried in the pan and then the chopped black cabbage added and fried until cooked but crunchy. The veggie veggie character of the black cabbage gets nicely aromatized by the guanciale.

Carbs delivered by good Italian bread, perfect balance.

...the wines

I had a Tomeo from Zanchi with this menu. It is a Rose' made from Sangiovese e Ciliegiolo, which paired well with all dishes. We will feature this wine soon.  With  the black cabbage I well can imagine also a red, which is true also for the truffle egg. A white wine might be better for the soup, which was slightly spicy

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cavolo nero crema di zucca scrambled eggs tartuffi cavolo nero cotto