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Recommended wines

German Carbonara

I am preparing now to move and want to consume as much as possible from the food I have and to buy as less as possible.

I had an aging piece of guanciale, which needed to be processed,  some ham in big slices and 3 potatoes, an open package of "Gluten Free" pasta from Cannabis.

(I don't like Gluten Free pasta, but I bought  it times ago for guests with this fancy intolerance...  As I do not threw away food, the remainings had to be processed, actually they are black Fusilli and not even bad)

I thought in "Pasta al Pesto" the potatoes are used to soak the olive oil from the pesto, so why not  use potatoes to soak the fat from the guanciale?

So I fried guanciale and ham at  low temperature and added 2 spring onions (yes, yes I know nothing to do with Carbonara).

I sliced the potatoes to small dices, and boiled them with the pasta.  Pasta and potatoes cooked and mixed with ham/guanciale. Switch off the fire and mix still 2 beaten eggs under this.

Astonishingly good.

...the wines

A good strong robust red wine! I had Rosso di Montefalco and was happy.