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In the 3rd episode of the Winesong Tasting Lab series  on Food Wine pairing  two different Baccalà preparations were paired with Rosè, White and Red Wine. Look to the results in our Video series

for Asia


For Europe and USA


Pork and dried plums pair very well. Any kind of lean (but not too..) pork fits, but best the fillet or the centerpiece of a chop.


The Winesong Tasting Lab has started a new video  series about food and wine tasting. In episode 2 we are examining 2 vintages of Nuricante with a swordfish carpaccio.

The Video can be seen at


This is similar to my other veggieballs experiments, but with some twists;

  • the veggie is red Mangold, actually the stems are red, what gives a nice visual impact

  • I used half of the veggies to prepare them all'agro and used them to serve the balls on it


you know there are dishes you create, they are unique,  You would like to repeat them, but you know it will be   impossible. This was  one of this. "peperoni con la mollica" (/node/5596), a standard dish from Italians South.


This dish is in memory of my Aunt Gertrud, who made the mythical potato cakes: grated raw potatoes, egg, some oatmeal, all fried in Lard, because lard we had all over the year at the farm.


I like all kind of "interiors" "frattaglie as we say in  Italian.   Tongue is really more an "exterior" part of the animal, but it surely evokes as many "iihs" from food-ignorant people as any other interior  part.


I am a specialists for balls, meat balls, fish balls, veggie balls, rice balls. Nothing is more enjoyable to mix and mash good ingredients to create an innovative ball, which you may pan fry or deep fry - that depends.  Obviously I have also my specialties.


This preparation was inspired by a dish which is served in "Ia Parolina", a 1 star Michelin Restaurant in Trevinano. At La Parolina the potato cream is much finer and the lentils are still smaller. They call their dish "Caviale di Onano".

I prepared the potato mash with butter but without milk using vegetable broth for mashing the potatoes.


Most lean meat is terrible, when overcooked, but often perfect to eat raw or at least raw inside.  So is duck breast.  It is wonderful just crispy fried on both sides and nearly raw inside. Duck breast is very lean, but it has a fat layer on the skin side. Therefore I use no extra fat for frying it. Some vegetable broth or white wine in the pan and the duck breast on the skin.


This is a traditional Etrurian recipe and in essence it is chickpeas with spinach.

The original  recipe asks for Gramigna pasta, but I think any small pasta is good. But it is even good without pasta.


One of the few milk products (except cheese), I like, is Greek yoghurt, the full fat one obviously.


One of the dishes I prepare from this, is  Tsatsiki.

Important is the size of the cucumbers pieces, which should be fine and my grater, does a better job than a knife.

Squeezed garlic and a generous amount of good olive oil are the other ingredients.