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This is mixing sweet and bitter. "Songino"  Lambs lattuce and "Radicchio di Treviso. topped with mixed seeds and shredded nuts.

The strong taste of my Monocultivar "Canino" Olive Oil fitted very well.

A perfect starter or side dish!


I am an olive oil lover and consumer, not an olive oil expert. But every October it is my special enjoyment to taste the different new oils. This year I started with the oils from Podere "il Sasso", "il Poggiolo" and "Tenuta Salviano".  You see the  4  oils in the picture. The price range was between  11 and 22 Euros /l.


Pork sausages are the "national dish" in Umbria and there are mostly very salty. So one need to drink a lot of San Giovese with the meal :-) Or better, combine the sausages with a lot of good vegetables. I never use fat to fry sausages, they have enough of their own. I boil them initially in white wine, so they release their fat.


I now decided to go at least twice months eating in a Restaurant, also being at home. I like cooking too much, but input from another cook is always good, otherwise after while, I might become boring with my dishes.

Like this standard sauce ;-).  It is excellent for nearly all white meet and pork


In my opinion Umbrian Sausages should never be eaten without a bottle of San Giovese. You need a bottle, because they are always so salty, that you need a glass at least for half a sausage....well you could drink water, but...


I am preparing now to move and want to consume as much as possible from the food I have and to buy as less as possible.

I had an aging piece of guanciale, which needed to be processed,  some ham in big slices and 3 potatoes, an open package of "Gluten Free" pasta from Cannabis.


Friggitelli is a classical dish from the Italian cuisine. It is made from a special pepper, which is smaller than the normal bell pepper and elongated. They are panfried as a whole and I like the nearly burned taste of friggitelli.


Should I show the lamb head before cooking?

For a while in my life I was thinking that only those people have the right to eat meat, who also are willing to kill an animal (and see a bloody head of a dead animal)


Italians are principled, at least in their opinions on food ? .

They get really upset about the German way of having bread, butter and cheese or ham.  They abhor the combination  fat and fat as butter and cheese, I admit this. And even ham is fat.

But: the Romans  deep fry Ricotta ad Mozzarella. Isn't this fun? Adding fat by deep frying to already fatty cheese? :-).


This is an only Spring Dish, because fresh fennel and fresh garlic is not available for the rest  of the year. The sausages - a kind of Umbrian staple food you get at any time.

These sausages were so lean that I had to add some slices of " Lardo di Cinta Senese" to give some frying fat after having cooked them initially in white wine.


This is another spring recipe.  Fresh garlic you only get in spring. Asparagus you get  now more often, but the little, best wild ones, only in spring and this is its season!  Pork cheek (guanciale) is always in  my fridge. I get into an existential crises if it is missing, same with spring onions as long as they are available.


These noodles got their name, because I found the main ingredient - fresh garlic- on a veggie stand along the SR71 from  Montefiascone to Viterbo. Along the same street I found also the other ingredient: pork sausage from a farm with butcher shop.