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L'Alchimista is surely one of the best Restaurants in Umbria. I have been there now 4 times and I was never disappointed. What I like is that there kitchen is not banal. Yes in a way traditional, but not "salsicce con ciccoria ripassata".  At my last visit I had "Piccione", Pigeon,  "Polenta di Roveja" and roasted mushrooms.


I cooked another time in my airbnb kitchen.  This time I got seafood from the wet market. Whereas the price for vegetables is extremely low, this is not the case for fresh seafood. I bought big shrimps and scallops 扇贝). About 1 Euro/scallop and 4 Euros for 500 g of shrimps. This seems still very low compared to European prices, but  it is not cheap for typical Chinese shopping.


After nearly 3 month of eating in Restaurants - eating very well-  I was clearly ready to engage with the kitchen in my airbnb loft in Guangzhou. I wanted to cook also, because portions in Chinese Restaurants are not made for single eaters.  But grocery shopping neither.  You buy the smallest possible amount (veggies for 20 cents), you cook half of it and it is still too much.


烧饼/锅盔 (shao bing) is a Wuhan speciality and you will find a production site on 100s of side walks in the City. It is actually a pizza. I think dough is absolutely identical to a good Roman pizza dough. It is formed to little flat cakes and attached to the wall  of the oven in which on the ground coal is burning.


Alle Chinese cities have delicious street food. In Wuhan I am tasting a crispy pizza like bread and deep fried veggie balls


I love Sashimi. Salmon is a risk, industrially raised salmon often is tasteless and has also other problems. This was served in a Japanese Restaurant in Wuhan. It was delicious.


It is aesthetically very beautiful and it is also very tasty,   this combination of Mozzarella or Fiore di Latte con frigitelle.


 Frigitelle are these long small peppers. I cook them in two different methods.   The classic method, long pan fried nearly burned aromatized by their own juice or  I keep them crunchy, only shortly pan fried with some tomatoes added.


Pig’s feet preserved in soya sauce and spice   ....


This is perhaps the most famous dish of Beijing cuisine, at least the best  known outside China.


This is the signature dish of Sichuan cuisine. It is hot, really hot, also spicy. The main ingredient is "Doufu",   in European language tofu, which is made from soy. As white and tasteless is it in its natural state as much it is a  good companion for high-spicy condiments.
The other main ingredients are .


Chinese meal composition is different from European. It is much less sequential. Dishes are much more served in parallel.  Our dinner yesterday had as a center piece  a crispy pork leg, which was one of the best pork preparations, I have ever eaten in my  life. Crispy on the skin, juicy, nice mixture of protein an collagen parts and not a bit fatty.


Dead simply and very tasty!

3 ingredients, guanciale, truffle sauce and farfalle pasta.  The result depends on the quality of the primary ingredients.

Especially the truffle sauce is a risk. One has to read the ingredients before buying.  Truffles should be at least 5% and no calamari ink please!  I am using aproduct from an  Orvietan cooperative, which has  7% truffles.