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Preferring seasonal greens for more flavors does not mean to dispense on salads in winter. Much more veggies can be eaten raw than those traditionally used for creating salads.



The combination of shellfish and pulses is not unusual in Italian cooking, and it is delicious. This dish actually combines 2 recipes. One is composed by Ceci and spinach and the other is simply "ceci con le cozze".  As recycling has a  paramount importance in my kitchen, I transformed the "Ceci con gli spinaci" from the day before.



This is a signature dish of Umbrian cooking.



I think it was the last time that I bought chicken breast. Or should I go on hoping,  to get something with taste and a  juicy texture? This one was not even cheap (20Euro/kg) but ttaste and texture were not satisfying



Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of this marvellous place. It is in Via san Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli 34/35  a Napoli.  Environment New York Style, food Naple style.

I had a plate with 5 differen bufala cheeses, obviously mozarella, but also a hard cheese,  a "primo sale", a ricotta and a cream. The cheeses were all super tasty an some toasted bread a good companion.



This beautiful Restaurant in Naples, Piazza di Porto 4 is specialized in the preparation of dishes made from "Baccala" and "Stoccaffisso", of which the best part is called "Coronello". I believe Italy and Portugal eat all the codfish, salted or dried produced in Norway and then exported.



I think it was the last time that I bought chicken breast. Or should I go on hoping to get something with tast and a  juicy texture? This one was not even cheap (20Euro/kg) but the taste.......




I never prepared Hamburger and I seldom have eaten them. They sweat out too much the culture of eating meat, without knowing what you are eating, but eating a lot. I love meatballs, made by myself,  buying high quality minced meat and mixing it wildly with veggies or Ricotta to get balls of different type.



Woww! This was my third time at Neugruens Koeche in Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg.  But the last time was nearly 10 years ago in August 2010. ( What can you say, if a Restaurant improves quality and keeps the price stable for a 10 years period?



This was more or less a left over dinner. Back home after 10 days travelling.  In the miniature freezing compartment of my fridge I found:  2 rabbit legs. A bag with broccoli Romani mixed with broccolett. In the fridge were also two eggs at the time to be eaten and a piece    of very aged goat cheese.



Inspired by a meal in a Restaurant in Citta di Castello.  Overthere they had a pyramid of shredded Pig on the cream of beans.

I loved my version more.  More "mare" less "terra.

I used the Zucchini flowers as tasty decoration and cooked them together with the "sepia tentacles and pieces of fresh garlic.



Avocado with smoked salmon is nearly banal (but theoretically it should be forbidden, fat+fat  :-)), then lemon makes   it all lighter.

But the twist is the wild fennel, which makes it interesting.

Well, wild fennel I collect every morning   on my running path. It is convenient living in the Umbrian countryside!